Old Timer Comparison Chart

With more than 85 Old Timer knives available, it can be hard to determine which one is best for you. To make things easier, we made a Old Timer Knife comparison chart that takes all the currently available knives from the Old Timer Knives brand and gives you important information, such as the name, model number, type of knife, number of blades, length of blade, and more.

This chart solely focuses on knives, so you won’t find the two very popular Old Timer products that aren’t knives: the Wire Saw SAWOT and the Hone Steel HS1.

Here’s the Old Timer Knives Comparison Chart.

ImageNameModel #Type# of BladesBlade Length (inches)Handle Length (inches)Overall Length (inches)Weight (ounces)Sheath
Old Timer 1OTOld Timer Small Lockback1OTFolding11.
Old Timer 3OTOld Timer Bearhead Lockback3OTFolding12.235.10.12none
Old Timer 4OTOld Timer Big Man4OTFolding42.
Old Timer 5OTOld Timer Bruin Lockback5OTFolding12. Leather
Old Timer 6OTOld Timer Golden Bear Lockback6OTFolding13. Nylon
Old Timer 6OTWOld Timer Golden Bear Lockback, Desert Iron Wood Handle6OTWFolding13. Leather
Old Timer 7OTOld Timer Cave Bear Lockback7OTFolding13. Leather
Old Timer 8OTOld Timer Senior8OTFolding333.96.90.19none
Old Timer 8OTWOld Timer Senior, Desert Iron Wood Handle8OTWFolding333.96.90.19none
Old Timer 8OTYOld Timer Senior, Yellow8OTYFolding333.96.90.19none
Old Timer 9OTOld Timer Cigar Whittler9OTFolding333.96.90.12none
Old Timer 11OTOld Timer Large Canoe11OTFolding22.
Old Timer 12OTOld Timer Pal12OTFolding12.235.10.06none
Old Timer 14OTOld Timer Hunter Full Tang14OTFixed13. Leather
Old Timer 15OTOld Timer Deerslayer Full Tang15OTFixed15.64.710.50.5Brown Leather
Old Timer 16OTOld Timer Hawkbill Pruner16OTFolding13470.19none
Old Timer 18OTOld Timer Mighty Mite Lockblade18OTFolding122.84.70.06none
Old Timer 19OTOld Timer Landshark19OTFolding12.
Old Timer 25OTOld Timer Folding Hunter25OTFolding245.39.30.44Brown Leather
Old Timer 28OTOld Timer Mountain Beaver Jr. Small Lockback28OTFolding12.
Old Timer 29OTOld Timer Mountain Beaver Sr.29OTFolding13.
Old Timer 33OTOld Timer Middleman Jack33OTFolding22.
Old Timer 33OTWOld Timer Middleman Jack, Desert Iron Wood Handle33OTWFolding22.
Old Timer 33OTYOld Timer Middleman Jack, Yellow Handle33OTYFolding22.
Old Timer 34OTOld Timer Middleman34OTFolding32.
Old Timer 34OTWOld Timer Middleman, Desert Iron Wood Handle34OTWFolding32.
Old Timer 34OTYOld Timer Middleman, Yellow Handle34OTYFolding32.
Old Timer 36OTOld Timer Saddleman36OTFolding32.
Old Timer 44OTOld Timer Workmate44OTFolding42.
Old Timer 44OTYOld Timer Workmate, Yellow Handle44OTYFolding42.
Old Timer 51OTOld Timer Big Timer51OTFolding13. Leather
Old Timer 61OTOld Timer Slim Premium Stock61OTFolding33470.19none
Old Timer 69OTOld Timer Premium Trapper69OTFolding33.
Old Timer 72OTOld Timer Dog Leg Jack72OTFolding22.
Old Timer 77OTOld Timer Muskrat77OTFolding233.96.90.19none
Old Timer 77OTYOld Timer Muskrat, Yellow Handle77OTYFolding233.96.90.19none
Old Timer 77OTWOld Timer Muskrat, Desert Iron Wood Handle77OTWFolding233.96.90.19none
Old Timer 89OTOld Timer Blazer89OTFolding33470.19none
Old Timer 93OTOld Timer Wrangler93OTFolding22.
Old Timer 94OTWOld Timer Gunstock Trapper, Desert Iron Wood Handle94OTWFolding233.96.90.19none
Old Timer 94OTOld Timer Gunstock Trapper94OTFolding233.96.90.19none
Old Timer 94OTYOld Timer Gunstock Trapper, Yellow Handle94OTYFolding233.96.90.19none
Old Timer 95OTOld Timer Large Gunstock Trapper95OTFolding23.
Old Timer 96OTOld Timer Bearhead Trapper96OTFolding23.
Old Timer 97OTOld Timer Buzzsaw Trapper Lockblade97OTFolding23. Leather
Old Timer 98OTOld Timer Ramrod98OTFolding32.
Old Timer 104OTOld Timer Minuteman104OTFolding222.84.70.06none
Old Timer 106OTOld Timer Grandad’s Folding Pocket Knife106OTFolding222.84.80.06none
Old Timer 108OTWOld Timer Junior, Desert Iron Wood Handle108OTWFolding322.84.70.06none
Old Timer 108OTOld Timer Junior108OTFolding322.84.70.06none
Old Timer 123OTOld Timer Pioneer123OTFolding13.147.10.19none
Old Timer 125OTOld Timer Mustang125OTFolding145.39.30.31Brown Leather
Old Timer 152OTBCOld Timer Sharpfinger, Black Camo Handle152OTBCFixed13. Leather
Old Timer 152OTOld Timer Sharpfinger152OTFixed13. Leather
Old Timer 156OTOld Timer Lil’ Finger Full Tang156OTFixed12. Leather
Old Timer 157OTOld Timer Golden Claw, Guthook157OTFolding13.558.50.37Black Nylon
Old Timer 158OTOld Timer Guthook Skinner158OTFixed13. Leather
Old Timer 160OTOld Timer Mountain Lion Full Tang160OTFixed154.39.30.44Brown Leather
Old Timer 162OTOld Timer Boot Knife Full Tang162OTFixed13.847.80.25Brown Leather
Old Timer 165OTOld Timer Woodsman Full Tang165OTFixed154.39.30.5Brown Leather
Old Timer 194OTOld Timer Gunstock Trapper Lockblade194OTFolding13.13.870.12none
Old Timer 220OTOld Timer Folding Hunter220OTFolding345.29.20.56Black Nylon
Old Timer 223OTOld Timer Lockblade Pioneer Clip Folder223OTFolding13. Clip
Old Timer 225OTOld Timer Sun of a Gun225OTFolding245.29.20.37Brown Leather
Old Timer 280OTOld Timer Barlow280OTFolding22.
Old Timer 294OTOld Timer Liner Lockblade Clip Folder294OTFolding13. Clip
Old Timer 296OTOld Timer Trapper296OTFolding23.
Old Timer 735OTOld Timer Marine Lever Lock735OTFolding12.
Old Timer 858OTOld Timer Lumberjack858OTFolding32.
Old Timer 1011OTOld Timer Small Canoe1011OTFolding22.235.20.12none
Old Timer 1140OTOld Timer Trail Boss Full Tang1140OTFixed15.64.810.40.37Black Leather
Old Timer 1141OTOOld Timer Outfitter, Orange Handle1141OTOFixed14. Leather
Old Timer 1141OTOld Timer Outfitter1141OTFixed14. Leather
Old Timer 1142OTOld Timer Guide-Master1142OTFixed144.88.80.31Black Leather
Old Timer 1143OTOld Timer Blade Runner1143OTFixed14.24.890.31Black Leather
Old Timer 1143OTOOld Timer Blade Runner, Orange Handle1143OTOFixed14.24.890.31Black Leather
Old Timer MA1Old Timer LockbackMA1Folding13. Nylon
Old Timer MA1SOld Timer Lockback SerratedMA1SFolding13. Nylon
Old Timer MA2Old Timer Small LockbackMA2Folding13. Nylon
Old Timer MA2SOld Timer Small Lockback SerratedMA2SFolding13. Nylon
Old Timer MA3Old Timer Small LockbackMA3Folding12. Nylon
Old Timer MA3SOld Timer Small Lockback SerratedMA3SFolding12. Nylon
Old Timer MA4SOld Timer Lockback Folding KnifeMA4SFolding13.
Old Timer PH2WOld Timer Mini Pro Hunter Full TangPH2WFixed12. Leather
Old Timer PHWOld Timer Pro Hunter Full TangPHWFixed13.64.480.37Brown Leather
Old Timer SCAMP5Old Timer Switch It Lockback InterchangeableSCAMP5Fixed444.78.70.5Black Leather
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